Let me start out by saying that since 2000 I have had two wonderful personal trainers in Winchester. But, I am 64, and in 2016 I had a year of challenges: a Labrador retriever ran full-tilt into the side of my knee, in a separate incident I broke ribs on both sides, and then I had what appeared to be an entrapped nerve in my shoulder. I had a lot of recovery challenges and a long road to get back in shape.

Lisa has been amazing. Her approach is very different than my prior trainers. Lisa first evaluated my fitness level. Her keen eye knew right away where my primary weaknesses were located, but just as importantly she could tell that specific muscles in my body had taught themselves to compensate for weaker muscles. This muscle fitness imbalance, for example, was causing my shoulders to roll forward, or causing me to use my back muscles in some exercises, rather than my abdominal muscles. My arms wouldn’t totally straighten out, because my biceps were tight and overused. By using massage to release tight muscles, combined with precise exercises that target and strengthen the weak muscles, I am making rapid progress.

What I find rare about Lisa is her ability to combine a challenging and target workout with immediate massage, either during the workout routine if needed, or immediately afterward. She is a brilliant educator, her unique process makes logical sense, I feel and see the benefits, and she has introduced me to a whole new depth of exercise knowledge. I couldn’t be more pleased with my personal growth as well as the physical results. I cannot recommend Lisa and her combined approach more highly to people like me or to the younger healthy population. She is a treasure and we are lucky to have her.